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Learn the art of Microblading in just 2 days with The Lab Strokes! Our in-person training course is perfect for beginners, providing hands-on experience and expert instruction. Master the technique and start offering this highly in demand service with confidence.

Throughout the course you will cover health and safety, legislation, sanitation, endocrine system, blood Bourne pathogens, anatomy and physiology, color theory, Fitzpatrick skin typing, brow mapping and measuring using 3 different methods, color choice and mixing, contra indications, contra actions, consultations and treatment plans, troubleshooting, practical work in a workbook, practical work on practice skin, online demonstration of step by step process of the full treatment, online step by step demonstration of the top up procedure, aftercare.

This course is very intense and in detail covering everything you need to know to become successful in the industry.

Students will get their OWN MODEL on Day 2, if the instructor finds it fit. 


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